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The start of your journey back onto the Court.

Whether you are just stepping onto the court for the first time or returning following a long break - start your journey back into our Couch2Court® sessions.

Our friendly and fun coach led sessions where you'll meet likeminded netballers, take part in super fun warm up games and by the end of the session you'll be pivoting an chest passing your way to victory.

We gurantee you'll leave our Couch2Court® sessions with rosy cheeks and a new netball addiction.

To find your nearest Couch2Court® session simply click here and look for the pink pins.

Still not sure ?

Still not sure? Read through our frequently asked questions below for further reassurance, and if you still want to talk to someone just register your interest here and your local coordinator will answer any further questions you might have.

I've not played Netball for years, is Couch2Court suitable for me?

Whether it's been a few years or 40 years, our Couch2Court sessions are the perfect way for you to jump back into the world of netball!

What happens at a Couch2Court session?

A member of our Leagues4you team will greet you with a friendly smile and a bucket full of encouragement, during the session you'll take part in fun filled warm up games with likeminded netballers, the evening will progress into match play at your pace and with lots of helpful advice to help your confidence soar!

How much does it cost and do I have to commit?

Each session costs £5 (we run lots of great offers so keep an eye out for those too!). You can attend as many sessions as you like and you're not obliged to come week on week - if you don't enjoy it then hey - maybe take up kayaking instead?

Can I attend on my own?
Our Couch2Court sessions are open to individuals, small groups of friends and even full teams!

What do I wear and is there anything I need to bring?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, this is not a netball catwalk! The only item of clothing we insist on are sports trainers. Don't forget to bring your own water bottle and confirmation of your booking!

How do I book my place?

To book your place simply click here click on your nearest pink pin and follow the instructions on screen!